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Olympia Recommends: If you feel like something fresh & bursting with flavour in a casual comfortable setting, we would recommend Mao, a restaurant dedicated to the art of Asian cuisine! They are about an 8 minute walk from The Olympia, situated on Chatham


Mao Dublin City, 2-3 Chatham Row, Dublin 2

Phone: 01 670 4899



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Catch some fire and indulge just a little with our mouth-watering taste of Asia’s finest. Our chefs are dedicated to the art of Asian cuisine and Mao Restaurant delivers that flavour, freshly cooked, every time.

All of our dishes are freshly prepared using only the finest of ingredients, from aromatic spices to 100% Irish beef, to create mouth-watering authentic low fat dishes.

 Mao Mao food

And if you fancy making a night of it, why not sample some of our feature cocktails? We’ve got everything from the classics to low calorie option, just for you!

 Mao food 2 Mao food 1

Our chefs are passionate about using only the finest fresh ingredients to create our authentic, not to mention, delicious dishes. For this reason, we never, ever use MSG in our cooking, we don't need to, the flavours are great as they are.

 Mao food Mao

We are open 7 days a week serving lunch, dinner and delicious cocktails to cater for all occasions. View our full menu here.



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